Western Digital Has Announced To Launch 14TB Hard Drive Next Year

Western digital is an American computer data storage company. It is the greatest maker of computer hard disk drive in the world. We can abbreviate Western Digital as WD. WD has a target to increase the aptitude of the hard drive. With this increase in aptitude, it will launch its 14TB hard drive in 2017. It has planned to deliver the product as a sample.

The 12TB hard drive released by Western Digital and Seagate will exceed on the release of 14TB hard drive. As compared to 12TB HGST Ultrastar He12 PMR hard drive, 14TB give more aptitude. 12TB HGST Ultrastar He12 PMR hard drive is also used for delivering and testing purpose.

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Seagate 60TB SSD was to be released in August. This drive conceals the storage where you can store the total data in particular area. On the other hand, the 14TB has lifted the slab. Now it is releasing as a sample for the company and after passing the test the users can purchase the product.

The company first found the necessity for the storage of the data stored in the cloud and tonnes of data an individual being generated on a daily basis. Mostly for that reason, the hard drive storage capacity should be huge for every day to day life.

As the users need sufficient amount of data, it can be fulfilled by 14TB hard drive. Though the data usage is more, the company have some safety method like they have inserted the service of backup power which will protect in extensive data loss. And when the users are buying the high aptitude hard drive they don’t even assume about the product.

The company has not said about the price and the ease of using the 14TB hard drive device yet but we can guess that after getting this much of data storage will be not expensive. We also can hope that the company should give assurance and significant software to improve data.

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