Whatsapp is one of the most used messengers for Android, iOS, Blackberry and other platforms. This messenger has proven times and times about its functionality and provided multiple updates with many amazing features.

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But this time it was more than an update, this was a big change that was most awaited and since other competing platforms have already introduced video calling WhatsApp is now ready to introduce its own video calling option and this could be the best decision also not a good one because it’s too late.


Other platforms like Facebook, Skype, and Apple’s Facetime features have to step back for a moment and it is time for Whatsapp to rule the market for some time because everyone is eagerly waiting to try out the new feature “video call”.

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But the point is why did WhatsApp decide to choose a video call option now? because it’s too late all the other giant messengers have it already did with amazing improvements.

Whatsapp is used by more than a billion users as for now so this new update with a new feature ‘video call’ will have a very bad impact on the other competing platforms.


This update is available for all the platforms and ready to use most of the users are experiencing a very good video and audio experience. It has a very easy user interface with friendly to operate.


This feature was developed by the WhatsApp team because everyone was already loving the app and the only thing missing in it was video calling option apart from all the other features a messenger would require.

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From recent news, the beta update of video call has passed all the tests and available to use with very smooth functionality.

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