Forwarded Messages: WhatsApp is always bringing new updates for Android. Here is another new update brought for users, is beta version (2.18.179) which is acceptable for all the Android devices. This version will mark ‘Forwarded’ whenever the sender will forward the message to any friends and relatives. Gadgetsay got this information a few days earlier. You can see a forwarded mark in the top of the WhatsApp messages. Actually, this edition is cool enough to make a difference in forwarded and real messages.

The sender and receiver both will get the forward mark in the message which they have forwarded. This innovation was made just the next day when Media visibility feature launched in beta which helps the users in displaying and hiding the WhatsApp messages. This feature is followed by fresh communications which have turned in to a great comfort for WhatsApp beta users in joining new connections.

WhatsApp Beta for Android v2.18.179 Marks Forwarded Messages
WhatsApp Beta for Android v2.18.179 Marks Forwarded Messages

The Android users are quite excited to see the change made in the WhatsApp. It is quite easy and simple to watch ‘Forwarded’ mark in the message. Just choose the message you want to forward in the WhatsApp chat. After forwarding the message you can easily figure out the Forwarded label exactly on top of your message. Gadgetsay also makes it clear that no Android users will be able to hide the mark.

The beta version (2.18.179) make sure that no problems are produced when a user is forwarding messages to friends and relative. The messaging is safer form earlier. Firstly there weren’t such type of notice between real and forward message. WhatsApp has caught the issues in the messages and claims that they will look further for improving forward and spam.

The first forwarded messages were first located in the month of February. So now, the Forwarded mark is available in the new version. The Android users can download the WhatsApp beta version. You can get the beta version (2.18.179) on Google Play beta programme or in the APK file using APK Mirror. To get more updates in the WhatsApp stay connected Gadgetsay.

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