Now WhatsApp Will Allow You To Track Your Friends Real-Time LocationNow WhatsApp Will Allow You To Track Your Friends Real-Time Location

WhatsApp Will Allow To Track Your Friends Real-Time Location Using Revoke option

WhatsApp has decided to add features from which you will be able to track the exact location of your friends in real-time. WhatsApp will soon add this feature. Currently, WhatsApp is working on this feature. In this feature, they will trace the current spot of its members.

According to the tweet of WABetaInfo, the Live Location Tracking feature has been discovered by WhatsApp. This feature will be available in Android version 2.16.399 and iOS Beta version The live tracking can be set aside for a minute, 2 minutes, and 5 minutes or for an indefinite period.

You Can Soon Track Your Friends In Real-Time, Edit-Revoke Messages In Whatsapp
You Can Soon Track Your Friends In Real-Time, Edit-Revoke Messages In Whatsapp

You can use this feature for identifying if your friend has arrived in a specific spot or not and for identifying his distance from your house. You can use this feature as per your requirement. You can also immobilize this feature to prevent from getting tracked. When you immobilize this feature then you can hide from your friends and you will never get tracked.

As soon as “Live Location Tracking” is introduced it will be automatically enabled on your page and if you want to prevent from being traced then you have to disable this feature. As we all know, WhatsApp is a messaging app. It has also decided to add a feature related to sending messages. This feature is the latest edit and revokes feature. Currently, it is available for limited versions, but they are trying to introduce this feature for all WhatsApp users.

Rumors suggest that the messages which are sent on WhatsApp beta version iOS will obtain an individual Revoke option. The Revoke option can be used for declining a message sent which is not read by the receiver. So, if you have sent an incorrect message to your friend and your friend has not read it, then you can use revoke option and correct it. Remember, both the feature will be automatically updated in your WhatsApp as soon as they are launched.

Recently, WhatsApp introduced a video calling feature from India and this feature is distributed worldwide. This is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. Till now WhatsApp has 160 million users in India and it is accessible in 50 different languages, globally.

The owners of Whatsapp have not yet declared the exact date of introducing these two features. Also, they have not told the date of updating of these features in other software.

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