Here's Why Batteries Have Started Catching Fire So Often These DaysHere's Why Batteries Have Started Catching Fire So Often These Days

We all trust the technology and use it in our day to day life. This technology includes mobile phones, torches, cars, bike etc which all are operated because of a battery. These days, we are hearing lots of reports of the battery explosion which ruins the human life. The trust on the technology is vanishing day by day. But do you know the reason why this is happening and what is the reason behind this type of explosions? Let’s read this article and identify the answers.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 holder and when you go on the flight you are told to submit your phone to the airline. The travelers often get annoyed with this rule because those who have kept the phone in their luggage take the time to submit it hence results in flight delay, but you shouldn’t be annoyed.

The airlines tell this because of your protection. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a risk of catching fire. Various phones are also prohibited including Hoverboards because of the lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have a high risk of getting exploded.

Lithium-ion batteries were used in phones and many devices since the 1990s. These batteries are used in phones because these batteries are rechargeable batteries. They are commonly used in handy electronics. Lithium is a lightweight metallic component. It is less poisonous than cadmium and lead.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 holder

It has high power compactness, minor memory result, and takes a small amount of charge when not in use. Now a day the battery is more developed compared to 1990. In the 1990s the Lithium-ion batteries energy density was 100-watt hours per kilo but now it has changed to 270-watt hours per kilo which gives us extra energy.

By an increase in the energy density, the heat also increases hence it has become a risk of catching fire. The competition for a better product has lead to a big issue and has started harming human life.It seems that the phone companies are not

It seems that the phone companies are not analyzing the batteries carefully before launching the products in the market. Unexpected resistance and outer heat up is resulting in a sudden ignition. It not only damages human life but also their costly assets nearby them.

The companies have no answers for these defects. We have to find a way in which we don’t have the need of batteries. Hence, we can live a life without the threat of fire incidents.

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