Why Do Hackers Prefer Linux OS Over Win, Mac, Or Other OS?Why Do Hackers Prefer Linux OS Over Win, Mac, Or Other OS?

The Wilders Security Forum member asked a question: “I talked with a former blackhat hacker, who attended DefCon, and he said that it is possible to hack with Windows, Apple and just about anyone operating system out there. So why do hackers (hmm I mean crackers) prefer Linux?”

Why Do Hackers Prefer Linux OS Over Win, Mac, Or Other OS??

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Basically, Linux operating system is used for the hacking purpose and for penetrating tests. It has many numbers of tools pre-installed in it which are useful for hacking. In other operating systems like Windows or Mac, there are no tools for which can be used for hacking. Hackers prefer Linux over Windows, Mac or any other operating systems because Linux is an open source and Linux is portable compared to other operating systems. Check out the list of reasons below.

1. Linux Is Open Source

The main reason Linux is preferred by Hackers over other operating systems is because it is an open source operating system. An open source operating system provides you the source code which you can manipulate for hacking. While other operating systems are not open source so you cannot change anything and make use of it for hacking. In Linux, you can redesign the whole operating system if you wish to.

2. Linux is more secure than other operating systems

Linux has always been more secure than any other operating system. Linux has tools and can perform activities which can help you stay anonymous. While other operating systems won’t let you stay anonymous like Linux does and at some point you will get caught. The majority of the hackers use Linux over any other operating system because you can practice hacking and penetrating tests without any trouble of getting caught.

Recently UNIX-based operating systems are getting raised in the market of technology after Android and Mac was developed based on UNIX. But at the same time, these platforms are not safe from hackers because they are open source and based on Unix.

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3. Linux is universal.

Since most of the things are running based on “UNIX” these days like from routers to operating systems and web servers, Linux is everywhere. And since it is being used everywhere, hackers would love to prefer it over other operating systems because hacking a device from the same platform will be easy.

4. Linux is lighter and more portable

Linux is lighter and more portable compared to other operating systems. You can boot a Linux operating system in less than the half time consumed by windows while installing it. Also, the tools consume a very little amount of memory compared to other operating systems.

These are few reasons why hackers prefer Linux over other operating systems.

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  1. it also runs much easier and smoother on older and less powerful PC’s. you can easily get away with 512mb of ram. Also, LiveDVD’s, allowing you to use it without installing, and leave no evidence behind. and last, but by no means least, it looks so much more badass than Windows and Mac

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