In today’s article, Its all about Keyboard. Yes from typing machine to computer and from laptop to smartphones the basic thing we need to operate these machines is a keyboard. But have you ever thought where did this keyboard come from? Who introduced it and for what purpose.

Well if you’re searching for these answers you’re at the right place. Not only this, The arrangements of letters of a keyboard is arranged for a purpose and with some trick so that the users can use it with accessibility.

Let’s not waste any more time and hop into it. The keyboard was firstly used for typing machines back then in 80’s and it was completely different compared to the present one. The numbers and alphabets were arranged in a different way.

The were arranged in the serial order because it was the birth of keyboard and the inventor thought arranging the alphabets in a row would be good for the user to type easily and quickly. But that wasn’t the right decision people had to see the keyboard every time they type a word because of the serial arrangements of the alphabets and the numbers.


And then there were few changes made which helped the users to interact with the keyboard but even that wasn’t good enough. In the picture below you can see the keyboard with arrangements of keys for the second time. Well, it had its own problems like jamming of keys because of side to side arrangements of letters.

Then QWERTY keyboard was introduced and you’ll be shocked if I say you why the inventor made the qwerty keyboard. Yes, he made it slow down the user’s speed. Shocking right? But there’s a reason behind this and that is the more speed the user get the fast he types so due to this the keys were getting jammed and because of this reason the qwerty keyboard was introduced.

The amazing fact about this is the inventor split the most often used letters on the keyboard to make the users type slow. Interesting right? but there’s always a point in changing something. The most important point of inventing the qwerty keyboard is that the user will be able to use it without seeing the keyboard often times.


And this is how the keyboard has been improved by facing changes in the arrangements of alphabets and numbers. Share this article if you find it worth sharing.