Know Why Obama Is Not Allowed To Use iPhoneKnow Why Obama Is Not Allowed To Use iPhone

Hello everyone welcome. In today’s article, i will talk about Obama’s cell phone. Yes, this topic is not like the one from movies where the villain has a bomb control cell phone. Well, this is interesting. We all should certain things about the president of USA. So let’s hop into it.

When it comes to iPhone everyone loves it. And they do almost every possible thing for getting one from selling a kidney to saving lunch money. Yes, indeed these things actually happened in the world where you and I live. But there is a person who doesn’t use iPhone. Due to some security issues and yet most of the people don’t know about this thing.


The president of USA isn’t allowed to use any apple’s product including iPhone because of the minor security reasons of the phone. Also when asked, Obama told that he would like to have one.


Then which cell phone does the president of USA use? Well, He uses blackberry because of the required security services availability is to the fullest in it.

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