We May Finally Know Why The Samsung Note 7 Kept Catching FireWe May Finally Know Why The Samsung Note 7 Kept Catching Fire

We May Finally Know Why The Samsung Note 7 Kept Catching Fire

What will be your expression when you plug your favorite Samsung Note 7 phone beside your bed and fall asleep? Then you wake up and found fire everywhere in your bedroom. There is no that Samsung Note 7 is the best phone with many exciting features but we never thought that this phone will lead to 35 incidents of fire explosion cases. There are many features in this small display box but according to the production company the packing of this phone is the main suspect of the fire cases.

Samsung Note 7 has a lithium-polymer battery which is flattened in shape. It encloses a positive coating which is prepared of lithium cobalt oxide, a negative coating prepared of graphite, and dual electrolyte saturated partition coating prepared of a polymer.

The partition coating permits ions to run among the positive and negative coating, these coating doesn’t come into contact with each other. By chance, if the positive and negative coating come in contact with each other then the running ions move towards electrolyte and the ions heats the electrolyte which results in more running of the ions and finally leads to an explosion. When you squeeze the battery a certain force is applied on those significant polymers partition coating that maintains the battery protected.

Samsung also exclaimed “due to the destructive production limit, these partitions coating might be weak to begin. When the battery expands due to overcharging hence it leads the thin polymer partitions to squeeze and the positive and negative coating comes into contact with each other which results in the battery explosion.

They also explained “if you leave the phone charging and forgot for a long while then the battery swells up and explodes. This doesn’t happen with the older tech batteries which were smaller but in this increasing competition of phone production they have to compromise something and they have to compromise the battery because to give you the best and better features.

There are many phones manufactured which have a smaller display but larger batteries but we don’t know about those phones. A company needs the fortitude to confess a truth in business and Samsung did this.

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