Images courtesy of Konka & Skyworth USA

Currently, only Sony and LG sell OLED TVs in the United States and Canada. That’s because OLED’s are insanely expensive to produce in bigger sizes. However, that might be about to change as we have some good news and it’s all thanks to two rather obscure brands (or at least obscure in North America because they’re quasi giants at home). 

The two Chinese brands/manufacturers are Skyworth and Konka. OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode belongs to the premium club of TV technologies. They are capable of pulling some amazing visual stunts such as rendering an impressive color range and perfect blacks. The OLED display panels measure just millimeters and don’t require a backlight system and it’s for this reason that they’re costly to manufacture in large sizes. Currently, only Sony and LG offer them in North America. 

CES Statements

Panasonic also makes OLEDs but their focus is on professional devices like those used in movie mastering studios. Things are likely to change this year because two new players have their sights set on the OLED field. Those are Skyworth and Konka as already mentioned above. Both of them are major brands in China but are yet to curve a presence in North America. Their recent CES statements show that they might just be preparing to make entry and in a big sort of way with premium offerings.

Konka CES statement revealed a 55-65 inch 4K OLED TV dubbed the Konka X11. This TV features the company’s signature Zero-bezel ultra design and has an in-build soundbar powered by DBX-TV audio engine for sound processing. Konka featured X11, their only OLED TV at the CES. They also plan to release the same in 8K, 88 inch version alongside 4K microLED 118-236 (8K) inch video walls version comparable to Samsung’s The Wall MicroLED TV System.

OLED Offering

Skyworth has also unveiled a number of OLED offerings such the Skyworth W81 and W81 Pro that feature ultra-thin design and measures just 4.6 millimeters, with a magnetic mount for attaching to the wall. Both Skyworth OLEDs come with 12 Megapixel cameras aimed at video conferencing applications and likely gesture control. The Skyworth W81 Pro has a 21 inch auxiliary screen that displays additional information and will optionally add a 10.1-inch swaiot panel that works as a smart remote. 

Skyworth will also be launching the Q91 at CES, this is a 75 Inch 8K TV that now joins the now increasing number of 8K TV even in the absence of 8K supporting content. Neither Konka nor Skyworth has revealed the price of their OLEDs television but it’s likely they’ll play within the price range of existing OLEDs Tvs.