Wi-Fi Hacking For Both Rooted And Non-Rooted User 2016Wi-Fi Hacking For Both Rooted And Non-Rooted User 2016

This is a very important tutorial that How to hack wifi Password in 2016. Many of our viewers asked us for this and that is the reason why we are writing this article. Before going to the tutorial let me tell you that this tutorial may or may not work on some devices.

Let me explain to you how it works, the application which I am going to use here basically tests the vulnerability of the Router and works with the router which has both WPA as well as WPS security, if the router has only WPA then it will not work. if you find any query during the time of tutorial then please feel to ask us using our comment box!

Wi-Fi Hacking For Both Rooted And Non-Rooted User 2016

Things You Need??
  • WPA WPS Tester (For Rooted User)(Download)
  • Andro Dumpper (For Both Non-Rooted and Rooted user)(Download)

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STEP 1: Install and Open WPA WPS TESTER

Step 2: Then the App will ask you for Root Access, Tap on yes and then tap on the Refresh Button.


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Step 3: After tapping on the Refresh button, it will show you the Wifi networks.Tap on the desired Wifi Network and then Choose Connect Automatic PIN and then Choose Root Method.


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STEP 1: Install and Open Andro Dumpper

Step 2: After that you will able to see the Wifi network that you can hack, Then simply tap connect and then choose NO CUSTOM PIN and then wait for some time and then it will automatically connect to Wifi.

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Final Wifi

Note: The Wifi network with RED Lock cannot be Hacked, only Green Lock can.

Every Tutorial In Gadgetsay is for Educational purpose, We are not responsible for any loss

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