Is Wi-Fi Environment Safe For Your HealthIs Wi-Fi Environment Safe For Your Health

Is Wi-Fi Environment Safe For Your Health?

Radio waves are playing an important role in human life such as interacting, GPS, everyday devices, investigation. Another type of radio wave is Wi-Fi which is the fastest developing in the interchange of Ethernet to make the globe wireless. Some time ago we have also heard a shocking report that Wi-Fi is dangerous to the human health.

The couple says for the healthiness of their little children and they have something for juicy link attraction. As the parents were overprotective for the children, they frequently get puzzled by reading these types of reports and get frightened especially, when they see the word ‘radiation’. But they don’t know that the EM radiation which is a light give the impression to the Earth and it appears a green planet. There are two types of radiation Ionizing and Non-ionizing Radiation.

Is Wi-Fi Environment Safe For Your Health
Is Wi-Fi Environment Safe For Your Health

First, let us know about the Ionizing radiation which holds a sufficient amount of energy to free electrons and ionizes them. If you come in contact with ionizing radiation uncovered for a longer period this will damage your health. There is a risk point of ionizing radiation shows while using the trefoil sign on a yellow background. It consists of annoying radiations like x-rays, gamma, a part of the ultra-violet spectrum.

Secondly, we will know about Non-ionizing radiation which does not have sufficient energy to ionize atoms. The wavelengths of non-ionizing radiation are not stretched enough than light and that is why these radiations are not unsafe. It consists of visible light, radio waves, and infrared radiation. So, by knowing about the radiations Wi-Fi networks are functioning by non-ionizing radiation which is not dangerous. As a result, Wi-Fi will not be able to destroy the chemical bonds to damage human body.

Wi-Fi is usually related to their microwave radiation as they are of equal variety. To prove their statement they said that Microwaves are hot and they can burn you. But people should also consider regarding the power of the radiation where a microwave which is used in homes are supplying more than 600W energy, and Wi-Fi router produces less than the 1W power which is not strong enough.

People should also know, the inverse-square law resulted by the linear wave radiation. The rule says that the power of the radiation is non-stop inversely proportional to the distance between source and observer. The radiation intensity will be much less when you maintain a distance to your Wi-Fi router but if you are close to the router, it can harm you.

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