The Best New Wiggle Kit Instrument For Singers For You

Wiggle Kit: The singers use a new technology for creating new music and beats. The OWOW has launched a Wiggle Kit for the people who love singing and also for the professionals. This innovative technology is based in Eindhoven, Europe. The OWOW team include music, tech and design WizKids that give you high ideas for the future of musical instruments. OWOW team invents the new method of making music, beats, and effects with the design of WOB, SCAN, and DRUM.

The Best New Wiggle Kit Instrument For Singers For You
The Best New Wiggle Kit Instrument For Singers For You

The Wiggle Kit is a great creativity that modifies your vocals with a simple flick of the wrist. The new musical instrument converts dramatic hand movements into powerful sounds effects. When you twist your hands in different directions you will get the unique sound effect to your voice. The app comes with the Wiggle Kit where you can select and change different effects, ranging from simple reverbs and blocks to the most system auto-tune and vocoder effects, all these features are controlled in the palm of your hand.

The main center of the Wiggle Kit is the Wiggle device it is small in size with amazing technology. It helps to change your hand movements into vocal effects. You can control three different effects by moving the Wiggle from left to right, raising it from low to high or twisting the Wiggle around your wrist. It is very simple to connect your the Wiggle Device to the App just you have to hold it close to your phone or tablet. The app will automatically connect using Bluetooth.

There are 20+ built-in voice effects for each way of action. You can modify every effect and tweaking of your own choice. When you will start singing in the microphone of your phone, tablet or headphones you will observe effects are directly added to your voice. So you can control the power of each effect by twisting and turning the Wiggle.

Using the kit you will get effortless music-making experience. The Wiggle App runs awesome with the built-in microphone on your smartphone or headset. The kit comes with all the items to get started that is:

1. Wiggle Device with travel packaging
2. Wiggle App with 20+ effect Packs
3. 150cm yellowow USB cable
4. Microphone strap
5. Quick start guide and technical manual

The Wiggle device bound with the latest technology and design. so if you want to purchase the Wiggle Kit visit the Kickstarter site. You can get at a very affordable price up to €18,889. So get the product to your home and enjoy it at your own place you want.

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