Let’s Find Out How You Can Run Operate Windows XP in iPhone 7
Let’s Find Out How You Can Run Operate Windows XP in iPhone 7

You can run Windows XP on iPhone 7 without any illegal crime. It is the first handset which runs Window XP. It is slightly difficult to operate Windows XP in iPhone 7. This function is legally available for the entire user who wants to work in iPhone 7. The A10 Fusion chip is installed in iPhone 7, makes the smartphone as a speedy chip in the market.

Windows XP was installed by an emulator using Xcode which permits the hackers to operate Window XP in iPhone 7 without any unlawful activity. The Apple Company has added the A10 chip in its iPhone 7. This chip makes it the fastest chip in the market. The A10 chip is capable of running on Windows XP in iPhone 7. The emulator is of iBox and is established by Bochs emulator.

A report from WCCF states, “the classic operating system run very slow on the iPhone 7, in spite of containing A10 Fusion chip along with 2GB of RAM.” An ordinary OS cannot be used in this as OS runs constantly. Firstly, you have to use the Xcode through an emulator. Then, you can install the Windows XP ROM in your device. You can use your fingers to move and drag the mouse pointer in the display.

Generally, you will need Apple iPhone 7, Apple’s Xcode, a stimulate of Windows XP, the Bochs x86 emulator, and some technical knowledge to get an iOS 10.2.1 device with copied Windows XP occurrence. You will be able to see the logo and screen of Windows XP. You can also do basic works similar to Windows XP.

This technology sounds very attractive, but don’t imagine for high-speed working and great performance. As Window XP it is only operated because of the iBox emulator. If you wish to get this amazing and famous Windows XP in your iPhone 7, then visit GitHub.

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