Introducing SKEYE Nano 2 World Smallest FPV Drone With Awesome Features

Drones are very useful for inspection, for taking photos, videos, it get to the destination where humans are impossible to arrive, and now the drones are being widespread in teenage groups for selfies as well.

The newest drone SKEYE Nano 2 FPV, are known as the world’s smallest, eye-catching and reasonably priced selfie drone. This drone is very easy to handle by the individual. It is suitable in your hand.  It is an inch-and-a-half from corner to corner, the height is not more than an inch, and the weight is half an ounce.

SKEYE Nano 2 is designed and manufactured by a dutch technology firm called TRNDlabs. TRNDlabs is the individual firm, who has invented the first small drone in the market. Later TRNDlabs launched a Pokédrone. The Pokédrone design was motivated by the Pokemon game. The fans of

The fans of Pokemon loved this drone because they can use this as a camera and can play pokemon games at the same time.  After few months, the pokemon game had a huge crash in the market and hence TRNDlabs also had a huge downfall in the market. Then they terminated Pokédrone and launched SKEYE Nano 2 FPV. This latest drone is made with the similar technology but the design is dissimilar from the Pokédrone.

The drone is featured with aerial camera lenses, which broadcast the image quickly. The drones are characterized by HD camera, 6-axis air travel control system, LED light which is used at night hours, it has a facility to spin in the air for 5 min.

The drone obtains full charge in half an hour. You just have to press a button to make the drone fly. You can control the drone with the remote control. You have to fix the phone in the drone remote control stand and connect the drone to your phone using Wi-Fi.

You can also shoot videos with your drone camera. The cost of the SKEYE Nano 2 is only $99. So grab your SKEYE Nano 2 now. HURRY!

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