Amazing! Here Is The World’s First Flying Humanoid Robot

Flying Humanoid Robot: Most of you consider that actuality does not transcend fiction, then you must be wrong as a group of investigators from the Italian Institute of Technology (ITT) is functioning on the creation of the leading flying humanoid robot which could fly.

The investigators are just preparing on the basis of iCub which is an intellectual robotic program with a human kind of unrestricted origin which was created by the RobotCub Consortium of various European universities, and organized by the ITT.

Amazing! Here Is The World’s First Flying Humanoid Robot
Amazing! Here Is The World’s First Flying Humanoid Robot

The height of the iCub flying humanoid robot is like a three-and-a-half-year-old kid which is approximately of three-foot. They have created this to examine the established perception hypothesis, on the authority which the memory and the surrounding connect to produce mental and motor technique.

The iCub humanoid includes 53 motors which control the head, arms, waist, and legs. It also contains various sensors and cameras which can easily observe and hear. The developers have included the sense of proprioception, which implicates the mind regarding the status and action of the body parts and sensation of action. Currently, the investigators are managing to attach touch sensation in the robot.

At present, the robot can perform functions like tracing over a visual pattern with the visible pen on the ground, answering complicated 3D puzzles, archery, facial illustrations, the power of force, picking tiny things and avoid barriers to withdraw accidents. So, these are the actions which the humanoid robot can perform, for now, The developers are working to extend the skills like the probability of flying. If they become successful in achieving this feature, then it could become the first flying humanoid robot.

For completing this feature, the developers will attach jet engines to the hands and feet of the robot which would provide the machine with multi modal locomotion. According to the developers “Resembling humanoid robots plus flying robots hold a prominent technological advantage. It is a program which links two characteristics having flying skills, movement by touch and direction”.

At present, the assignment is at its last stage. The results have been to acquire a command algorithm to imitate the action of the iCub with the jet engines fitted on the hands and feet. The following move will be to examine the aerodynamic results and different parameters that control the flight.

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