People use easy-to-remember passwords which leads them into easy-to-crack passwords. What we actually think about the word Password? I hope that you think of a complex word which cannot be cracked, but, unfortunately, some of the people right now using these 25 types of passwords, try to check yours too.

At the age of 13, my Orkut Password was “password”, because at that time I probably new to the email things usually the same password I kept for my Gmail too don’t laugh that’s the fact of me. And Now still some people use these types of passwords without the knowing the fact.

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In these Amazing fact we will explain you that if you are not using the very complex password for your logins then you might be vulnerable to get hacked, yes there are many passwords that can crack you logins passwords by the method of probability, these method is being used by many developed software that can crack your login password with one hour or a half if the device is capable of being called super specification computer.

The popular researcher company SplashData which released its 2016 annual list of 25 most common passwords or we may say the worst passwords internet users currently using it. The SplashData make password management application which has released a data containing the passwords using by more than 3.3 million people.

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In the list of top two passwords are being mostly used by North America and Western Europe as the UK, “123456” and “passwords”. What is the logic in this, people nowadays are also lazy and they need things easier so that they can remember and handle that thing easily, and that is wat it is related to the Passwords placement, people use these passwords to quick remember.

However using these passwords are easy-to-remember and also easy-to-crack these passwords, SplashData has published the list of worst passwords and the remain holding the position of top 2 are “123456” and “passwords” are from 2011 to 2017.

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Check yours too.

25 Worst Password of 2015 That You May Using One of it Right Now

At the last on the list of worst passwords you can see “starwars” and another “solo”, these came after the release of The Force Awakens and made the position on the list.

What can you do if you have found your password in this?

What should you do?

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Yes, you have to understand that having these types of passwords may compromise your valuable logins and change it right now, so what will be the change?

Remember the more complexity in your passwords will make you safer from getting compromised, using the passwords in combination of numerical, alphabetical and symbols will compose you a strong password, for example:

His name is steve jobs. What would he prefer a perfect password?


Never use your birth year in your password.

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Note. Always use passwords contain 12 characters with mixture of other types characters

Do not use the same password again and again for the same website.

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