Xavier Malware: Earlier, we have heard about the malicious Judy malware. Now, a new malicious code Xavier is found in more than 800 apps on Google Play Store. First, the TrendLabs Security Intelligence has detected the Xavier Trojan. According to the TrendLabs, millions of users have downloaded the malware affected apps from the Google Play. Lots of affected apps were related to the photo controllers, wallpaper, and ringtone apps.

Xavier Malware Another Malicious Malware Found In Google Play Store
Xavier Malware Another Malicious Malware Found In Google Play Store

TrendLabs stated that since 2015, Xavier was listed as ‘joy mobile.’ Xavier malware is extremely difficult to identify, not through static or dynamic inquiry. The most threatening part is that Xavier can download as well as perform additional spiteful codes.

The number of victims of Xavier malware is higher in Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia. The victims in the US and Europe is said to be lower compared to the Southeast Asian countries. In Vietnam, approximately 23.27 percent users have been affected by the malware whereas 19.14 per cent victims in the Philippines and 8.23 percent in Indonesia. The percentage of affected victims in Thailand and Taiwan are 6.66 per cent and 5.36 per cent respectively. The other remaining countries took 37.34 percent downloads.

The researchers worried that Xavier is more threating and broader than the Judy malware. Judy malware detected in more than 41 applications on the Google Play Store. It has affected approximately 36.5 million users. Whereas, Xavier is found in more than 800 applications so it is said to affect more security of the users.

Xavier downloads and performs different spiteful codes. Xavier devices to encrypting every regular chain and different ways to perform disclosure complex. Hence, no one can ever detect the devices affected by this malicious malware. Still, the news shows that Xavier’s performance leans on the downloaded codes and the URL codes that remain configured by the remote server.

TrendLabs Security Intelligence has also discovered a list of methods to prevent the malware affect. Some of the methods are to bypass installing apps from an anonymous reference, studying reviews ahead downloading apps, renewing or repairing mobile devices and downloading antivirus for devices.


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