Electric Mop: Now throws away your hand mop and leave your room to the brand new Mopping Robot. Mopping Robot is a Xiaomi Electric Mop with a high-frequency motor, long grip handle which undertakes the dirt and stains. The mopping machine is attached with a LED light to clear small dirt and stains on the floor.

Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop High Capacity Battery With LED
Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop High Capacity Battery With LED

The Mop includes the sprayer that sprinkles the fanned vapor to wet the floor. It has 2000mAh Li-ion battery capacity that guarantees 50min cordless continuous on a full charge usage time. It can clean the 100 square meters room 3-4 times. The mopping frequency is 1000 times per min with the flexible rotation. The grip connects with the host by cardan joint method and rotates from all angles.

This is a one-handed operation with a long grip which is easy to open and spray, there is no need to stoop during mopping. It consists high-quality mopping pad with terry that fights with all types of stains. It has three types of mopping pads. First is the normal durable mopping pad with spiral hard fiber that clean the dirt and soft fiber can absorb water. Second is the durable terry mopping pad with terry edge which can absorb hairs by electrostatic principle. The third is the disposable environmental friendly mopping pad that adopts the degradable material.

The power indicator is included with 3 power indicators display the 100 percent, 65 percent, and 30 percent, respectively. The water inlet is designed with measuring cup to add water, and the 0.5mm hole ensures even spray. You can easily replace the mopping pad by step on the mark to lift the machine. You are provided with one adapter.

You can get the Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop on the GearBest site. You can use the coupon code XMMOP to get it just at $119.99, which is white in color. So don’t wait your magic mop is waiting for your order.

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