Xiaomi mi 10 Pro+

This year, almost all flagship phones were launched in three variants – regular, Pro, and Pro+ (mainly). But the Xiaomi Mi 10 didn’t follow this trend. As you remember, there are still two versions – the original model and the Pro variant. But this is going to be fixed soon. Not that long ago, Lei Jun has announced there will be a new model from this series. Moreover, on the net, there have been too many leaks saying the Xiaomi Mi 10 Super Cup version (Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro+) is already in the mass production phase. Thus, this phone will hit the market in the nearest future. But what is the selling point of this handset?

Xiaomi mi 10 Pro+

What do we know about the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro+?

Today, the first ‘poster’ (not a poster, in fact) was released. The slogan of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro+ smartphone is ‘View. World’. At the same time, we can learn about some features of this handset. Among the most noteworthy features, we can mention the 65W super flash charge, a new 100MP camera supporting 12 times optical zoom, a 120Hz super-sensing screen, and a Snapdragon 865 processor.

Xiaomi mi 10 Pro+

So which of these features are more eye-catching? The 65W charger has been used on the Black Shark 3, and the Mi 10 Pro only supports 50W. Apart from this, we have heard Xiaomi is working on a device that will support a 100W charging, and there will also be a 120W charging head. So could we assume there will be two versions corresponding to the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro+ with a 65W charging and the high-end version supporting a 100W charging?

In terms of cameras, there is indeed a new 100MP main camera. But the overall performance is worse than the current HMX.

Xiaomi mi 10 Pro+

Of course, the authority of this poster causes many doubts. But the configuration of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro+ will definitely be the top. So who did say this phone couldn’t come with such a specs list?


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