Yesterday, Apple released a couple of new products, the Apple Watch 6 / Watch SE and the iPad Air / iPad 8. What’s more interesting, the iPad Air sports the world’s first 5nm SoC, Apple A14 Bionic. And this chip is expected to come to the iPhone 12 series. When it comes to Android mobile devices, the first 5nm chip should come our way from Qualcomm. We guess it will be called the Snapdragon 875. Today, Redmi’s Lu Weibing posted on Weibo some news concerning the arrival of new Redmi products with a 5nm chipset.

Snapdragon 875

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 by the end of this year or early 2021. Thus, the first smartphones powered by this SoC will appear on the market in Q1, 2021. And that’s not difficult to guess which smartphone brands will debut it – Xiaomi and VIVO.

As for this year, Xiaomi has released Snapdragon 865 smartphones in the face of the Xiaomi Mi 10 series in February. As for its sub-brand, Redmi announced the Redmi K30 Pro with the Snapdragon 865 almost at the same time. And it’s expected Redmi’s first device to pack the Snapdragon 875 could be the Redmi K40 Pro.

We are waiting for Redmi to release the Redmi K40 by the end of this year. Also, there should be the Redmi K40 Pro coming in the Q1, 2020. But these devices won’t sport the same chip. The lower version should come with a Snapdragon 775 chipset. It will also sport a full-screen, a large camera lens, and have a fast charger.

Finally, and more importantly, The Xiaomi Mi 20 or the Mi 11 will come before the Spring Festival of China in February 2021. Probably, the Redmi K40 Pro may debut in March. But as their launch dates are too far, we have no certain information concerning their key features.

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