Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro Wireless Earbuds has once again leaked in a new image via Weibo. The new image pulls some light on the Mi Air 2 Pro design from different angles. We can spot a slightly different design rather than the first generation Mi Air 2 Pro Wireless Earphones.

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The new Wireless Earbuds will launch this month under the same price segment. However, it will provide a better listening experience and will come alongside the launch of new Xiaomi smartphones.

Apart from the beautiful design, the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro is expected to come with the three different noise reduction modes. It will house Active Noise cancellation, passive noise cancellation, and ambient sound mode. Moreover, just a simple gesture would switch the noise reduction modes on Air 2 Pro.

According to previous rumors, a single Earbud will weigh 6.5g and offers noise reduction strength of up to 35db. Furthermore, it will house a 12mm dynamic driver, and offers 7 hours of battery backup while noise reduction is turned off. Other features would be wireless charging, 100ms latency, and support for AAC and LHDC codec.

It offers much-improved specifications in comparison with the previous generation. It will compete against the Apple AirPods Pro version which was launched for $294 in China last year.

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