Xiaomi Mi Band 2 The Mostly Popular Wristband For Android And iOSXiaomi Mi Band 2 The Mostly Popular Wristband For Android And iOS

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Welcome back to Gadgetsay with another stylish cool gadget and that is Xiaomi Mi Band 2. If you are looking to buy a wristwatch which can easily connect with your Android or iOS phone then here it is the Mi Band 2.

This Mi Band 2 is a perfect watch which seems best bracelet watch for you, especially sports lovers, even if you are not a sports lover still once you start wearing this Mi Band you will feel the sporty mood.

This is the same wristband which is also having the same features like steps calculations, calories consumed current running speed, climbing and all these synchronized and analyzed on your mobile phone.

The wristband will give you a skin-friendly usage, skin breathable feeling also when you sleep it will keep monitoring your sleeping time also it will wake you up on given wake up time.

Mi Band 2 will record all of your activities and at the end of the day it will analyze the data and will show you on your phone.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 The Mostly Popular Wristband
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 The Mostly Popular Wristband

The features are perfect:
It helps synchronization Bluetooth feature helps to transfer and to connect Mi Band 2 with your Android or iOS smartphone.

It is having OLED touch screen, just touches the circular button gently, the screen will show you time, steps, heart rate, speed, calories, distance, and alarm clock.

It’s having the vibrating feature of reminding the incoming calls and messages.

The Mi Band 2 is especially for sports monitoring, it is having the IP67 waterproof technology. Once you have your phone near the band the Band will be unlocked automatically.

One important step: you need to download Mi Fit on your phone from Google Play Store or from Your Apple Store and enjoy.

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