The Chinese tech sensation Xiaomi took the stage to unveil Mijia Plug-in Board Fast Charging 27W on April 20. The product is placed under the crowdfunding platform and will be opened on April 22 10:00 AM. Initially, the crowdfunding rate will commence from Yuan 69 and the future price will be Yuan 79.

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In terms of technical specifications, the Mijia Fast Charging Board comes with the 27W fast charging approach. The product is well-assembled in the white-coloured material to obtain compact design and size.

The astonishing prospect is that it involves three USB ports that further support QC3.0 Fast Charging. The USB-A single port output power can attain maximum 27W charging, whereas the multi-port output power can go to maximum 21W charging power.

When it comes to the compatibility, the USB interface acknowledges the Xiaomi Mi 9, Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, Huawei Mate 20 and P20 series and later models. In others, the mechanism also allows users to inject iPhone 8, iPhone X Series as well as other Apple models. Through the inbuilt smart charging chip, the output power will configure different models smartly to invigorate via 27W Fast Charging.

27W Mijia Plug-in Board Fast Charger

Furthermore, the Mijia Plug-in Board Fast Charging 27W delivers 3 new national standard ports that are said to offer 10A overload protection. Eventually, it cuts the power flow automatically if the electric load supersedes the standard. Hence, it avoids the dangers effectively caused by overload short circuit and accidental fire. You can press the switch to resume the charging function after finishing troubleshooting.

Internally, the charging plugin board has copper strips with a higher-security one-piece non-breakpoint connection technique. It further cultivates high-quality tin-phosphor bronze structural materials to enhance power performance. Each group of ports combines an independent safety door.

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