custom roms redmi 5

Which is the best custom ROM for Redmi 5 Android smartphone? It is quite difficult to tell the best custom ROM for your Android smartphone. In our today’s writeup, we have concluded some best custom ROMs for your smartphone. The handset was launched back in December 2017 with the Android 7.1.2 Nougat OS. 

custom roms redmi 5

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Most probably, you will be known to the fact that Android is an open-source platform. It allows users to develop customizable ROMs for Android-based devices to trigger better performance and access to root programs and locked features.

What is Custom ROM?

In simple words, custom ROM is a third-party developer-built ROM offering various customization options and much more than the stock ROM. Developers can grab all the Kernel source code from Google to garner their own operating system images (OS image) for Android mobiles/tablets.

The preinstalled Android OS that comes with the new device is known as ‘Stock ROM’ or ‘Stock Firmware.’ It is an official OS to regulate the software department. Flashing a custom ROM means to replace the official ROM with the modified/customized ROM.

Why install Custom ROM?

Well, resorting to a custom ROM brings plenty of benefits to get along. The preinstalled Stock ROM provides restricted functionalities and applications to users. Most of the applications/programs are locked to retrain them from the user’s orbit. That’s the prime reason behind installing a custom ROM on an Android device.

A custom ROM unlocks access to various hidden parameters to corner enhanced user experience and features. Some of the other astounding advantages of this ROM conclude improved battery life, freedom to install/uninstall custom MODs and bloatware, speedy performance, etc.

Best Custom ROMs for Redmi 5

There numerous Redmi 5 custom ROMs based on older and the latest Android version. You can choose on the basis of their features and stability.

NOTE: Before we proceed further, let us clear one thing that flashing a custom ROM needs your phone to have TWRP Recovery. Once you install TWRP Recovery on your handset, it will be pretty easy to flash any custom ROM thereafter.

Lineage OS

Lineage OS

Without any hesitation, Lineage OS is among the most popular and well-accepted custom ROM for Android devices. It is the successor to the now inactive CyanogenMod or CM. Further, this custom ROM yields scads of specifications like a customizable theme, status bar, bar color, navbar resizing, quick toggle, and more.

Lineage OS 17.1

Download Lineage OS 17.1: Here


It is a short term for the ‘Droid On Time operating System’, developed by Kuber Sharma and Ganesh Verma, community and team members. It incorporates countless advanced protocols to give you access to the root apps restricted in the official Android OS.


Download DotS: Here


The PixysOS custom ROM for Redmi 5, also known as AOSP, brings unmatched features based on the open-source Android project. Flashing PixysOS will grab you the best tools around to transform your overall Android experience thoroughly.


Download PixysOS: Here


It is yet another best custom ROM for your Redmi 5 smartphone. It is inspired by open source project and aims at keeping things simple and straightforward. Moreover, ArrowOS offers a multitude of customized elements to upscale your device’s overall performance at the minimum battery consumption.


Download ArrowOS: Here

Havoc OS

Havoc OS accumulates various attractive features for your Redmi 5, which are unavailable in other custom ROMs. This modified image gathers Spectrum Support, Rounded UI, Status Bar tweaks, OmniSwitch, and Slim options for quicker multitasking along with some others.

Havoc OS

Download Havoc OS: Here

Paranoid Android

In our list, Paranoid Android also has a prestigious status. It is a popular custom ROM, providing improved performance, battery life, slick user interface, and other innovative specifications.

Paranoid Android

Download Paranoid Android: Here


Well, these are some of the best custom ROMs for Redmi 5 Android device. You will have a magnificent user experience after replacing your current Android OS with any of the custom ROMs given above. Hopefully, it will make your day.

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