Xiaomi Privacy Brand Logo

Following the serious intention to safeguard user’s information privacy and security, the Chinese brand launches the new privacy brand logo. It is known as ‘Xiaomi Privacy Brand’ and will be used for future products of the company. The effort indicates the company’s vigilant approach for user’s privacy and security.

Xiaomi privacy logo represents the company’s commitment to ensure the overall protection of its user’s data. For the purpose, the brand has strived relentlessly to get better on privacy prospect on the MIUI interface. Well, the customizable MIUI skin delivers richer privacy protection capabilities along with enhanced protection apropos of technical prospects.

Furthermore, the Chinese firm also integrates the self-developed and open-sourced MACE framework. The MACE (Mobile AI Compute Engine) platform is dedicatedly designed for mobile terminals. Under the scheme, data of users don’t need to upload on the cloud. Offline computing can be performed through the mobile terminal. Ultimately, offline podium adds to maximize the users’ security and privacy.

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Xiaomi Privacy Brand Logo

Aiming at ensuring the overall and comprehensive privacy, the company has built a complete information security management system. It compliances six privacy protection modules like data minimization, openness and transparency, security protection, purpose limitation, compliance review and clear responsibilities. It induces the brand to develop a privacy protocol trusted by users.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi also takes into consideration the ‘Differential Privacy’ algorithm in the system. It is a leading privacy module to pay careful attention to user’s privacy. Further, the Differential Privacy emphasizes the sharing of information of dataset publicly. It manages to describe the pattern of groups in the dataset along with carrying individual’s information in the dataset.

As Meizu claims, we can expect more information to be revealed after the launch of the MIUI 12 interface on April 27.

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