Xiaomi is crazy to develop bonding with its global followers by exposing products frequently. The MIUI 12 Android interface is about to land the market within 4 days, but the company seems to feel soothe by unveiling every detail immediately with the availability.

Now, the company has revealed the new ‘Differential Privacy x MACE’ along with the privacy protection technology today noon. What new prospects are all about and how fans can sync to them? As per the officials, Xiaomi has developed and open-sourced the MACE module, which is centrally designed for mobile platforms.

With the latest AI-certified framework MACE (Mobile AI Compute Engine), users will not need to upload data to the cloud. Correspondingly, offline programs can be executed directly on the mobile terminal.

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Differential Privacy x MACE

Ultimately, the offline model technology preserves user privacy to a great extent. On the other hand, the Chinese company also brings the ‘Differential Privacy x MACE’ protection system in the MIUI 12 interface. This protocol will allow adding some interference noise before uploading the data. Likewise, it will ensure that the uploaded data is no longer the user’s real data, and it can be used to perform overall data trend research.

We have come to know another related technique apart from MACE technology and Differential Privacy. The upcoming Android skin MIUI 12 also configures the new ‘Xiaomi Privacy Brand’ along with privacy protection capabilities and technology double blessing. However, we can expect that Xiaomi will have concrete plans to ensure the overall protection of users’ data and privacy.

The new MIUI 12 will enter the market in a four-day time on April 27. Xiaomi will also uncover the Mi 10 Youth Edition on the same online event. So, make sure to visit our website to get updates and more.

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