Xiaomi TV Pro 32-inch

Xiaomi has been designing TVs for a few years. And it has already managed to become a leader in this field. Of course, it still has to compete with the ‘old’ brands, but at the moment, in China, Xiaomi is recognized as the most cost-effective TV brand. This means Xiaomi should make a furor with every new release. But if you think like we, you are in deep confusion. This manufacturer has so many products in various niches that it just doesn’t manage to organize a big launch event for each of them. Something like this happened today. The manufacturer released the Xiaomi TV Pro 32-inch true-full screen product so quietly that no one was informed about it. Anyway, the 32-inch new TV is priced at 899 yuan ($126). Do you imagine how little you have to pay for a high-end TV?

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The new product highlights of the Xiaomi TV Pro 32-inch include:

  1. A full-screen design, with a higher screen ratio, and an immersive viewing experience beyond imagination.
  2. Built-in Xiaoai voice assistant, standard voice remote control, and a search control device.
  3. Full HD excellent picture quality, showing rich details.
  4. 1GB + 8GB storage and many interfaces.

The Xiaomi TV Pro 32-inch is different from the previous 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch versions. And the biggest difference is the 1080P 60Hz screen.

Xiaomi TV Pro 32-inch

As for the rest of the features, Xiaomi’s full-screen TV Pro 32-inch comes with a quad-core CPU as well as standard with 1GB + 8GB storage. As said, there is a built-in Xiaoai assistant, PatchWall system support, DTS decoder, 2 × 6W speaker, 12-key Bluetooth voice remote control, etc.

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