Xiaomi Xiaoi Ai speaker Art

Today, Xiaomi announced a new product, updating its smart speakers line. Xiao Ai Speaker officially released the new “Xiaomi Xiao Ai Speaker Art” this morning.

Xiaomi Xiaoi Ai speaker Art

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According to the official introduction, the Xiaomi Xiao Ai Speaker Art is a flagship product:

  1. Good design: textured metal body, romantic Aurora light belt;
  2. Good sound quality: ingeniously create speakers, DTS professional tuning, support for stereo combination;
  3. Intelligence: the new emotional sound is online, the near distribution network function supported by MIUI12.

The pre-sale will start at 0:25 on May 25. The original price is 349 yuan ($49), and the final price is 299 yuan ($42)!

Xiaomi Xiaoi Ai speaker Art

The Xiao Ai Speaker Art uses a textured metal body with a 16 million-color aurora light strip on the top. The matte fine stone pattern housing is matched with the top integrated seamless contact button.

In terms of sound quality, the Xiaomi Xiao Ai Speaker Art uses 2.5-inch full-range speakers, special paper carcasses and voice coils, and U-shaped ducts to enhance bass performance. If you use two Xiao Ai Art speakers, you can also combine stereo 2.0 to further improve the sound quality.

Xiaomi Xiaoi Ai speaker Art

The Xiaomi Xiao Ai Speaker Art has multiple smart new ways of playing. The new self-developed Jasmine emotional tone makes Xiao Ai become warmer. Also, it has a close-to-one-distribution network function supported by MIUI 12. Through voice control, it can also control 2000+ smart devices, 1600+ practical life skills, and enjoy a new experience of the smart home.

The new Xiao Ai Student 3.0 realizes the first continuous natural voice dialogue (full-duplex) on the smartphone. Just waking up the voice assistant, you can speak the voice command continuously. Then, you can interrupt at any time and issue new instructions.


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