Xioami Youpin, as you very well know, Xiaomi’s boutique life shopping platform is known for selling unique consumer electronics and some other cool stuff. The latest edition to its store is a tactical defensive pen, which as usual can write but also doubles as a tool for lighting, cutting rope, and if not enough can break windows to save lives.

This cool piece of the pen, known as Handao Iron Armor Tactical Defense Pen is priced at 99 yuan. Literally, it’s the practical realisation of the good old saying that a pen is mightier than a sword. The pen is of 15cm in length and a maximum outer diameter of 1.5cm. It’s made of 303 stainless steel, which is heavier than other tactical pens of aluminium alloy or other materials. The specific weight is 110g, but the impact resistance is greatly increased.

You can see the pen in several parts, such as attack head, refill, pen body, pen cap, rope cutter, battery and LED lamp within a relatively compact size. The outside of the pen body is made of different textures using CNC machining equipment, which not only optimizes the look but also helps in improved grip while holding.

A Pen in Need of Emergency!

The tungsten steel impact head is what comes as a superhero in a difficult situation such as getting trapped on a closed car and only escape plan you can think of is to break the window. The tip is strong enough that it can break the window glass and facilitate an emergency escape.

With the pen, perhaps with the pen cap, which is designed to function as a rope cutter can cut off the seat belt and escape in time in the case of the situation mentioned earlier. In a nutshell, it’s not wrong to say the pen is a jack of all trade. Well, it involves a little learning curve to master all of its capabilities. If interested, you can get one from here.


By Ijaz

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