According to LetsgoDigital, Xiaomi has applied for a new folding smartphone patent. As the renders and the production pictures of the website show, this model uses an inwardly foldable screen and a secondary screen on the back. The overall structure is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Xiaomi folding screen smartphone

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When the model is unfolded, the edge of the screen is the same width as the frame, and the four corners are rounded. The front camera uses a pop-up dual camera design, and the three rear cameras on the back are arranged vertically. There is no earpiece opening on the front of the phone, and the upper earpiece chose to open a hole at the top of the back. In the folded state, the secondary screen area on the back is much smaller than the body. And it can also use a pop-up camera. There are three groups of four buttons on both sides of the fuselage. The SIM card slot is selected at the top. The bottom carries the Type-C interface and the openings for the earpiece and microphone, without a 3.5mm audio port.

Xiaomi folding screen smartphone

Xiaomi has previously applied for multiple folding screen patents and published a video of an engineering machine in 2019. But there has never been a mass production model released. There are rumors that at the 2021 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2021), Xiaomi may show off its folding screen smartphone. In fact, this manufacturer has never hidden its intentions of launching similar handsets. But there are so many patents that we have no idea which of them will turn into a final product.

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