Huawei 66W and Xiaomi 120W fast charger

Today, a few mobile accessories have obtained 3C certification. First, the Xiaomi 120W fast charger and Huawei 66W fast charger got the corresponding certification. Second, a new Xiaomi power adapter with model MDY-12-ED obtained 3C certification.

Xiaomi 120W Fast Charger

The output power of the Xiaomi 120W fast charger reaches a maximum of 120W (20V/6A). But we are not surprised because a blogger has previously hinted that Xiaomi will launch a 100W fast charge. Anyway, there is every reason to think this charger may be launched with a new flagship model.

Huawei 66W and Xiaomi 120W fast charger

Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group China and general manager of the Redmi brand, revealed that the 100W fast charging technology has reached the early stage of mature mass production. Thus, he suggested that Xiaomi will soon mass-produce commercial 100W super-fast chargers.

According to the data released by Xiaomi Lab, 100W fast charging only takes 17 minutes to fully charge the 4000mAh battery.

Lu Weibing pointed out that fast charging technology needs to consider 5 technical difficulties:

  1. Battery capacity loss: The faster the charging speed, the greater the battery capacity loss. According to preliminary estimates, the battery capacity of a 100W fast charge loses about 20% of its capacity compared to a 30W PD fast charge. Simply put, 5000Mah becomes 4000Mah;
  2. Technical realization (technical architecture): ultra-high voltage charging option;
  3. Performance: How to make 100W charging not only technically accessible but also to achieve long and sustainable charging time;
  4. Security: multiple protections are needed for the motherboard/battery/charger, etc.
  5. Cover multiple charging scenarios: Consider wired charging + wireless charging scenarios, and charger compatibility.

Huawei 66W Fast Charger

Some users guess that the first model supporting the 100W fast charging may be the MIX series. From the exposure information, the next-generation MIX flagship may be named MIX 4 or MIX 10. If the MIX series debuts with 100W fast charging, then this 120W super-fast charging head will be the golden partner of the new MIX machine.

Huawei 66W and Xiaomi 120W fast charger

In the past two years, Huawei seems not to want to make progress in terms of mobile fast charging power. The maximum is still at 40W. According to 3C certification inquiries, Huawei’s model ‘HW-110600C00’ smartphone charger has just been certified. And it has a maximum power of 66W, corresponding to a voltage of 11V, a current of 6A, and is also compatible with the existing 10V4A 40W fast charge.

Of course, there are still no statements concerning which models will come with it. But as the Mate 40 series is on the way, there is every reason to think it will support this technology.

Argam Artashyan

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