You Can Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Using Any Tin CanYou Can Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Using Any Tin Can

Wi-Fi is the most popular service then the wired network services. Wi-Fi provides a great internet speed and it allows you to access the internet in any available Wi-Fi spot but Sometimes you might get irritated when the internet is very slow or not working properly.

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You came here because you are annoyed with your Wi-Fi internet signal? I have a really awesome method of enhancing or boosting your Wi-Fi internet speed. Though there are many other methods of boosting your Wi-Fi internet speed but this is the very popular one. By using any tin can you can do that. It is as simple as adding foil to TV antennas. All you need for this: a beer or soda can, a pair of scissors or utility knife and glue.

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Follow the given steps to faster your Wi-Fi signal.

1) Wash the soda or beer can: You have to wash the tin can completely with soap and warm water so that the remainings glue and other substance doesn’t appear. Make it completely dry.

2) Carefully Take Away The base: Carefully take away the pull tab. make sure to use the utility knife for help.

3) Take Away The Top Of The Can: You can do this with a knife. You have to cut a straight horizontal line around the can. You should be very careful in this step and make sure to leave 1 inch near drinking hole of the can.

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4) Cut The Can As Half: Cut your can vertically to make a plain flat type and make sure that drinking hole still attached with the can which will help you as a “tin can holder”

5) Place Your Can On Antenna: As you are having a flat tin can with inch uncut piece to make a can holder, after placing the can you can enjoy your Wi-Fi with an extra 2 bars.

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The can must be extended. Now you can enjoy a higher and faster internet speed using the beer can. Hope you liked the article and the video. Hit Share Button! Tons Of Thanks!

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