Earn Money: In past years, Youtube was the best platform for the socialization of content production. Now, the website is passing by unusual growing worries as it attempts to adjust its records. After some companies noticed, they did conclude following videos starring people performing sensitive jokes about Nazis, Youtube developed a new monetization platform that shows the video suitability for advertisement. It also shows whether the video is suitable for all advertisers or not.

YouTube Is Still Best To Earn Money For Gamers And Content Creators

Youtube’s new feature is available for almost every video related to modern shooter game like Call of Duty or Battlefield 1. You can see it beside every shooter game video. This feature has resulted in worry for all gaming YouTube creator. The fear of the website’s users forced the website to communicate with a forum post. The Gaming manager of YouTube, Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt posted that they know the difficulties and hence the company has taken strict measures to enhance the rule.

In the post, Fwiz wrote, “in past months they have given time discussing the source of advertisements from companies.” Several creators have noticed an increase in their income with the latest commands and rules executed. As a result of the new move of the website, some of the videos are not proper for every promotor which restricted the advertisements on these videos. They have also discontinued straight posting in Video Manager.

Fwiz said that if anyone observes yellow icon in their videos for no use, then they can report immediately. They have used machine learning to estimate contents over the program, as more than 400 videos are uploaded in every minute. When the users post a review, the reviewers analyzes and makes the rules even better.

YouTube Is Still Best To Earn Money For Gamers And Content Creators
YouTube Is Still Best To Earn Money For Gamers And Content Creators

The company said that the yellow monetization figure is for those videos with unessential brutality or more obscenity. So, if you are basic content creator, then you don’t need to worry at all. Reporting about absolutely unsuitable videos will help YouTube’s machine-learning algorithms a lot. The new rule will not permit the gamers to suffer in future.

YouTube Is Still Best To Earn Money For Gamers And Content Creators
YouTube Is Still Best To Earn Money For Gamers And Content Creators

Recently, a YouTube channel called Valve News Network was evaluated as “Not suitable for all advertisers” by the website. Tyler McVicker is the channel’s owner. He said, ‘that was his first video to get more than 400,000 views.’ He was not satisfied with the website’s behavior and complained about it in Tweeter. McVicker said, “He was not informed before his post got tagged with the yellow flag. His biggest income missed because of the rule.” Although, he wanted a revision of his video. He also wanted to know the reason for getting the yellow tag, so that he bypass the mistake in future.

YouTube said that they are aiming at making advanced methods for gamers as well as content creators of any sort for earning money. They have partnered with FameBit and exploring sponsorships for YouTube Gaming app. They have launched Super Chat which will allow the content creators to earn money from their biggest followers. The company also said that their members always try to assure that every content creator gains profit on their site by monetizing videos with ads. Gaming has been an important part in YouTube history. They hope the history continues in future.

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