YouTuber: Scotty Allen Made iPhone 6s From Spare Parts, Bought In Chinese Market

Scotty Allen Made iPhone 6s: Recently in Gadgetsay, we have seen the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. These two high-end smartphones were very much liked by iPhone fans and the craze in smartphone market. The manufacturing cost of iPhone is only $224.80. In the US smartphone market, iPhone’s are sold for $650.

You will not believe when I will say that a man has made iPhone 6s from spare parts sold in the Chinese market. Scotty Allen, a Youtuber has made this possible. Firstly, Allen purchased all the iPhone spare parts from the Chinese marketplaces. He then assembled the useful which resulted in iPhone 6s. In building an iPhone 6s, he spends only $300.

YouTuber: Scotty Allen Made iPhone 6s From Spare Parts Sold In Chinese Market.

Almost every spare parts of the smartphones are available in China. Scotty Allen collected the spare parts of iPhone from Shenzhen, China. He observed many parts of smartphones were being sold at the China market. For the first time, he didn’t understand why are these parts sold, who are purchasing these parts and for what reason. After that, Allen noticed challenge from an anonymous person saying that, whether anyone can make a smartphone using loose parts.

YouTuber: Scotty Allen Made iPhone 6s From Spare Parts, Bought In Chinese Market
YouTuber: Scotty Allen Made iPhone 6s From Spare Parts, Bought In Chinese Market

Allen took up the challenge and started working on the project. While going through the project he collected logic boards, display, battery, and back casing. When he was purchasing the iPhone parts, Allen thought of buying all the parts from the market. The most critical prat was preparing the logic board which consists of the various tiny group of chips.

Overall, the parts he purchased was worth $1,000. After the process, he realized that some parts were un-useful for making iPhone 6s. So the total price of making iPhone 6s is only $300 which is very less from buying a new smartphone. The iPhone Allen made is absolutely in working condition. You can get the described process in Allen’s Youtube blog.

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