Yunmi 21Face

Could you count how many Xiaomi eco-chain enterprises are there in the industry? This company not only makes outstanding products itself but also invests in tons of small and medium companies. One of them is Viomi (Yunmi) that is mainly known for its home appliances. We guess you remember the body scale that has boomed the market a couple of years ago. But this company is capable of making not only small-size and less-popular products but also big and more demanded ones. According to the official Weibo channel of the company, at Viomi’s 5G IoT strategic new product launch conference, it released the Yunmi 21Face Interactive Smart Screen (5G version). It’s equipped with a 75-inch 8K ultra-high-definition screen. Of course, this is the highest variant. But there are also other variants.

Yunmi 21Face

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The Yunmi 21Face interactive smart screen is equipped with an 8K screen. But this is not the only screen parameter that catches our eyes. It also has a 120Hz refresh rate, the color gamut reached 143% BT 709, and a 3D- LUT color reproduction. They are known as broadcast-level monitoring color standards. Under the hood, the TV carries a 4-core CPU, a 2-core GPU, and an 8.5GB memory. There a total of 8 speakers, of which the total power reaches 100W.

Yunmi 21Face

In terms of interaction, the Yunmi 21Face interactive smart screen supports AI interactive goggles, with 1080P high-definition camera, 3D interactive sensor and distance sensor. It also supports AI gesture air separation operation and 5G connection.

Currently, Yunmi has not yet announced the price of the 21Face interactive smart screen. The 21Face interactive smart screen (Wi-Fi6 version) will be listed on during 618.

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