This morning, Ni Fei, President of ZTE’s Terminal Business Unit, confirmed that they will launch the world’s first smartphone with an under-screen camera.

The poster ingeniously used Journey to the West Zhong Erlang Shen to remove the setting of the third eye on the forehead.

ZTE A20 5G under-screen smartphone

Previously, a few Chinese companies had shown under-screen camera solutions. But there is yet no final product on the market. It seems that ZTE has an earlier layout and faster action, and wants to seize the opportunity.

There are reports that ZTE’s solution may come from Visionox, which has announced the first mass-produced commercial under-screen camera solution. This manufacturer uses new transparent OLED devices, new drive circuits and pixel structures, and high-transparency new materials. Through the optimization of the special pixel arrangement, the brightness difference, color gamut difference and viewing angle difference between the transparent secondary screen and the main screen are eliminated.

ZTE A20 5G under-screen smartphone

At the same time, ZTE’s new smartphone with a model ZTE A2121 obtained network access permission.  A well-known Wiebo tipster said that this new machine is the first under-screen camera phone, named the ZTE A20 5G.

As you understand, its biggest highlight is the first mass-produced under-screen camera technology. So the phone will be the first true full-screen smartphone with no pop-up camera structures and holes in the screen. This will effectively reduce the weight of the body.

Judging from the exposed information, the ZTE A20 should come in late August or September.

An industry insider @Ross Young previously stated on Twitter that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will not use an under-screen camera solution. Although the under-screen camera solution can achieve a more complete full-screen experience, it will have a certain impact on the imaging effect of the front camera.

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