Zuckerberg Can Remove Messages From Receiver Inbox, You Cannot!Zuckerberg Can Remove Messages From Receiver Inbox, You Cannot!

Zuckerberg: A few days ago, it was announced that Facebook can scan all messages and videos you are sending over messenger. Whatsapp and Instagram give you the power of deleting the embarrassing messages whereas Facebook does not. Expect you are Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook. Yes, its true, many users will not believe the statement but another report has proved that it deletes Mark Zuckerberg’s messages from inboxes which a common are not able to do this.

Zuckerberg Can Remove Messages From Receiver Inbox, You Cannot!
Zuckerberg Can Remove Messages From Receiver Inbox, You Cannot! – Via: TechCrunch

The site TechCrunch has stated that an email receipt from three sources has proved that the messages they got from Facebook’s CEO are deleted from their FB inboxes but the FB sent text still appears in the conversation box. When they saw that messages which were sent by the Zuckerberg are more resembles in the chat logs or in the downloaded copy of their FB account data.

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When Zuckerberg was questioned he didn’t give the answer directly but TechCrunch received a report that it was created for corporate security purposes. FB also declares that “After Sony Pictures” emails were hacked they have made the variation that secures the executive’s communications. This time it happened that in the Messenger Zuckerberg’s messages was also included.

It was seen that Zuckerberg’s present messages and old texts before 2014 were available to some users suggesting that the recall was done selectively. It is a doubt which is not cleared that this ACT was an invasion of user trust. FB never declared the actions were taken to remove the messages from users’ inboxes nor for informing the recipients privately.

Facebook has cleared that the user can delete the messages from their inbox but the receiver will still appear with the message. It also explains that no “retention period” of messages FB users get as Zuckerberg and other executives get special treatment.

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