Beware! Your USB Port Could Be Stealing Personal Data To HackersBeware! Your USB Port Could Be Stealing Personal Data To Hackers

USB Port: Have you ever imagined that your laptop or PC’s USB ports can steal your private information to hackers? Yes, you heard it correct. Your USB ports steal personal information and are utilized by the hackers.

USB ports are an essential part of a system, but this is also a vulnerable part as well. It is the most standard communication interface used by the PC users. The latest report published by the researchers at the University of Adelaide proves the above statement. According to them, an innocent port can flow-sensitive information to a discredited USB device linked to an adjoining port. They have said that the system owners should not link un-trusted or insecure USB drives to their machine. This advice will help the owners from being a victim of malicious hackers.

USB ports are available in various choices, but most of them are weak in security. Australian researchers investigated and said, “simple USB ports can be obtaining private data.” According to the reports at the University of Adelaide, 90% USB ports of PC’s were leaking data to other external USB devices.

We usually use the USB ports to connect USB-connected keyboards, fingerprint readers, card swipers, etc. In the past, the researchers believed that the data is leaked only to the computers and is safe from compromised media. Still, according to the research, a compromised device connected to the different USB port on the same machine is not safe for the sensitive data.

Beware! Your USB Port Could Be Stealing Personal Data To Hackers
Beware! Your USB Port Could Be Stealing Personal Data To Hackers

The researchers said that the personal data could include your social media passwords, e-banking passwords and also your identity. They added that the malware spread is also because of human behavior. If they found a lost pen-drive lying on the street, they usually take it and plug it in their device. This behavior is the usual source of spreading malware and stealing data globally.

Dr. Yuval Yarom, a Research Associate and the University of Adelaide said that the users should never trust random USB drives. The users should always connect a reliable device to their processors. Otherwise, the hackers will continue tricking the innocents.

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