Hackers Now Can Remove Any Video Posted On FB - Facebook ReplyHackers Now Can Remove Any Video Posted On FB - Facebook Reply

Hackers Now Can Remove Any Video Posted On FB – Facebook Reply

A security developer has found a serious bug in Facebook which is allowing professional hackers to remove any video posted on Facebook. The name of the security developer is Dan Melamed. He has founded a Facebook bug in June 2016. He studied that, he can remove any video posted by any facebook user without the consent of the profile holder. He also founded that by the same bug he can immobilize comments of the video.

The bug which was founded by Dan Melamed is similar to the bug which has been founded by the Pranav Hivarekar. The working of the bug is shared by Hivarekar. He found a method of removing the video he affixed the Profile holder’s video to comments.

First of all, Melamed created a civic event on the Facebook page and uploaded a video on the conversation part of the event. This is the first method for utilizing the weakness of the bug. When Melamed was uploading the video, he altered the POST demand and exchanged the Video ID value on the selected video with the Video ID value of any other video on the Facebook.

The selected video is the video he wanted to remove from profile holder’s page. As a result, Melamed’s demand was replied by Facebook as a server error which wrote: “This content is no longer available”. Still, the new video was effectively posted and presented well.

Melamed noticed that after removing the event post, the complete video posted by the anonymous sufferer also gets removed. He also noticed that he is able to immobilize the comments of the video. He founded a “Turn off commenting” in the drop-down portion. After this process, he realized that the selected video comment is removed.

Melamed’s bug admitted by the Facebook and he was rewarded $10,000 as a bug bounty. According to Facebook, they have fixed the bug from getting misused by the wicked hackers.

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