Just One Image Can Easily Hack Your WhatsApp & Telegram AccountJust One Image Can Easily Hack Your WhatsApp & Telegram Account

Download Hack Telegram: More than 1.2 billion WhatsApp & Telegram users are at-risk. Their accounts can be hacked easily using one image. According to Check Point Software Technologies, a researcher claims that WhatsApp or Telegram social platform are vulnerable to one image. The image can be of anyone maybe a  cat, dog or a cute little girl.

The professional hackers can hack your social media accounts in seconds. When you click on the infected image, your account is completely taken over. They can steal your contact information, personal information of even your bank data. According to the experts, the users using browser-based versions of WhatsApp and Telegram are mostly at risk.

Checkpoint security researchers said, “not only the images but the hackers can also send you any infected multimedia file types for hacking your accounts.” The social media account holders should always beware of the unknown messages they receive. The unknown messages might have some malicious codes which will harm your device at a great instinct.

Just One Image Can Easily Hack Your WhatsApp And Telegram Account
Just One Image Download Hack Telegram Hack Your WhatsApp And Telegram Account

For hacking user’s WhatsApp and telegram accounts, the hackers send a picture in their accounts. As soon as the users open the picture, the hackers obtain the current position of the victim and could check the chatting details, personal as well as group chats. They can also see shared photos, videos, audios and contact lists. The hackers can also interfere in between your chats and could misuse your name. One account can head to hack various accounts as the hacker can send the malicious image to your friends in your contact list.

The researchers have also posted a video which shows how the hackers hack the Whatsapp and Telegram accounts. You can watch the videos below.

The WhatsApp and Telegram messaging services use encryption method which doesn’t allow any third-party to read the ongoing messages except the sender and the receiver. The encryption method used by both messaging services has become the biggest vulnerability. As promised by the WhatsApp and Telegram owners, the chatting history is not recorded by them hence they are not aware of the malicious code received by the users. This is a reason; the WhatsApp and Telegram security members were incapable to avoid the subject from being operating rapidly.

Although, the members of WhatsApp and Telegram claims that they have fixed the fault. The fixes have been made only at the server end. So, the app users don’t have to update the app to prevent from being hacked. You can simply browser restart to protect yourselves. The users should always follow strict rules while using Whatsapp and Telegram. You should never share numbers with a person you don’t know. The users should use passcode pin feature on WhatsApp. You should never open files received from unknown numbers.

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