List of Most Demanding Android Application Of 2016List of Most Demanding Android Application Of 2016

The list of top Android application, we just selected only the least but of course the most demanded and useful, which means only Android applications which are worth of, If you feel any Android applications listed below useless then kindly inform us using below comment box.

In Google Play store there are thousands of applications and we get to see many fake apps and some spammers. When it comes to choosing the correct app you need to be very selective, because we don’t want the list of the whole bunch of apps which aren’t useful and consume unnecessary Ram. In this article, you will get to know about all types of apps and from each type we provide the best application for you.

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In this list, most of the popular apps like Gmail and Maps are not covered because those apps are already pre-installed in your devices already and every android user is familiar with those apps. We provide a list of apps which are the best for its own purpose and that have more features.

1. Microsoft Office

This is the best app since the beginning for office work purposes in your smartphone and Microsoft has been improving this app by adding new features in every update also they stated that they will keep this app worth for every penny you pay monthly. They have designed this app in such a way that it has full efficiency and delivers the best performance with features that can be performed in PC. Now you don’t have to search for tools and waste your time, this app is user-friendly and is worth trying.

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2. Truecaller

This app has changed the whole mobile calling experience with its amazing features. Now you don’t need to answer every spam, this app will automatically notify you the details of the caller while your phone is ringing and you have the authority to block all the spammer calls. This application has a very easy user interface and it is easy to use.

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3. Vocabulary Builder

In this busy life, nobody has time to improve their vocabulary by joining tutorials or spending hours on the internet. This app is ver useful for people who are willing to learn vocabulary. It contains hundreds of words with audio pronunciation and usage of the word within a sentence. You can learn 5 words a day that will help your vocabulary within months without wasting your precious time.

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4. Netflix

Android apps list cannot just be ended without this app. Everyone loves entertainment and it has become very crucial for us to have the best entertainment app in our pocket. In the whole world, there is no other app that can beat Netflix in providing more number of TV shows and Streaming videos efficiently. You get the first month free for a subscription.

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5. Robinhood

If you are a rookie in the business stock trade market then you really suffer a lot from all those losses in your first attempts. Even the brokerages will charge you at least $20 for every stock trade. But by using this app you can now trade stocks for free. This app is better than any other similar category app out there because it is easy to use and you can sell stocks on our fingertips.

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6. Map My Fitness

Everyone’s day begins with the morning walk or jog. So this app is useful for you to track your activities including Workouts, running, biking, walking, lifting weights. Also, you get few suggestions of runnings shoes based n your running log. You can also share the routes with your friends and also monitor your progress over time.

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7. Pandora

This is a must have app for all your music entertainment system. If for you.youre a big fan of any artist and you want to listen to only his tracks then you can just type the name of your favorite artist and set it once Pandora will do all the tracks queueing thing. Also, this is the best app for streaming radio this is a free app but ad-supported but you can remove the ads by upgrading it to premium on the monthly subscription.

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