Fuchsia New Operating System From Google Source Code To Download

We all have heard about this new operating system known as “Fuchsia”. Earlier in the month of august, Google revealed about its new operating system “Fuchsia“. The main feature of this Google’s new operating system is that, unlike other operating systems Fuchsia doesn’t use the Linux Kernel.

Whereas Android and Chrome operating system use Linux Kernel. Google fascinatingly told about the name of this operating system Pink + Purple == Fuchsia.

Fuchsia is Google’s new open source operating system. It is developed by google’s team, with a new vision for future. Now you can also find the source code of this operating system on Google Source. If you’re willing to test and analyze this operating system by yourself, then you can get the source code from google source.

Google’s New Operating System Fuchsia's Source Code Is Open Download
Source: Android Authority

When the word spread out about Google’s new OS Fuchsia, many people expected Google to give any statements about the new operating system. But there were no Statements from Google about Fuchsia yet. It is being developed in a very discreet manner, also Fuchsia has no destination since Google has not revealed, why it is being created yet.

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This operating system has being used in few machines and worked flawlessly in the following, UCs Broadwell and Skylake NUCs and Acer Switch Alpha 12. There are rumors that drivers for these operating system are being developed too. From recent reports, it has been confirmed that this operating system will be available for Raspberry Pi 3 also.

You can check this out: GitHub Source Or https://fuchsia.googlesource.com/

This operating system is not using the Linux kernel components. Hence there are speculations that Fuchsia will  replace either “Chrome” or “Android” operating system in future. Yet there are no official statements about this change.

By now, you might have understood that Fuchsia is not based on Linux, and you might be wondering, what could have replaced “Linux”. The answer is “Magenta”. Yes, Fuchsia is based on Magenta, and Fuchsia components have Escher and Mojo as interprocess communications layers, So the ultimate programming language used is Dart.

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