Top 5 Expensive Smartphones Than a Luxury ApartmentTop 5 Expensive Smartphones Than a Luxury Apartment

The Top 5 Expensive Smartphones which will make you jaw drop, these below-listed smartphones are very expensive as compared to any Luxury hotels or apartments in the world, the smartphones listed below have some special feature that none of the phones currently have along with expensive diamonds.

Every so often you come across here in Gadget which says with any matter in which we show the high price of mobile phones launched around any corner of the world. However, be aware that even the most expensive unit sold here is far, but far from being among the most expensive smartphones sold worldwide.

Top 5 Expensive Smartphones Than a Luxury Apartment

In the list below you can see which are the most expensive smartphones in the world. Most of them are much more than a simple machine. In fact, its main highlights are the fact that they are true unique jewellery. If you had that money in your hand, you have the courage to buy any of these models?

5. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot – £ 2.5 million

The first model of our list is the Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. Launched in 2005, its main distinguishing feature is for housing account, which is solid gold. In addition, the rear panel is made with one of the hardwoods in the world, African Black. The phone is super exclusive and only three units were manufactured.

4. GoldVish Le Million – US $ 3.5 million

With gold casing studded with diamonds, GoldVish Le Million still has the back cover revisited by crocodile skin. Only five units were manufactured. A unique cell for those looking for a gem, but of little use of operating system is not going beyond the basics of calls and text messages.

3 – iPhone 4S with 500 diamonds – US $ 8 million

The bronze medal is our list with this iPhone 4S model whose sides are covered with diamonds. In addition, the Apple logo and the Home button are also studded with 500 pieces of precious stone. Toast, you take home still a case of granite.

2 – iPhone 5 Black Diamond – US $ 15 million

If you’re looking for a newer model with the OS from Apple, an alternative is the iPhone 5 Black Diamond. The sides are made of solid gold and it is studded with 600 diamonds. Only one unit has produced this model and it was commissioned by a Hong Kong businessman.

1 – iPhone 6 Rose Gold Pink Diamond – US $ 48 million

With 125 million dollars you can buy 80 Ferrari’s 488 model 2015. Or, if you prefer, you can leave this fleet aside and put in your pocket a unique iPhone 6 Rose Gold Pink Diamond. Created by Falcon, the phone stands out because of having a pink diamond on the back, just one of the rarest stones in the world.

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