An Awesome HUDWAY Glass To Keep Your Eyes On The Road (2)An Awesome HUDWAY Glass To Keep Your Eyes On The Road

HUDWAY Glass: There are many people who use the phone every time in fact in driving also. As we know our phone has many features and so, is also a path for meeting accidents. All of us has faced the difficulty of using the phone while driving a phone call, texting your friends, tweeting, and checking GPS. The big disaster happens in the weather problem when it is foggy, rains or darkness. Here in this post, we will tell you about HEAD-UP DISPLAY (HUD).

An Awesome HUDWAY Glass To Keep Your Eyes On The Road
An Awesome HUDWAY Glass To Keep Your Eyes On The Road

HUDWAY glass is produced by Hudway LLC, it is affordable for any car model with no electrical component, together with your smartphone, using this glass you will get the feature right in front of your eyes. HEAD-UP display is an important technology that has the power to change the automotive industries in safety associated issue. The Hudway has started Hudway Glass project in 2015, which was followed by 9095 followers. This was the great success of a month.

The Head-up Display, also known as HUD which is used in aircraft to minimise distraction that is the pilot doesn’t get disturbed or refocus, by performing a large amount of information on a transparent screen. This display will show you the on-screen speedometer, direction, accelerometer sensor, etc. The HUD includes many other features like gestures, voice recognition, texting, and picking up calls. It provides you high visibility display without interrupting the field imagination.

Now let’s know the features and some detail function of it. This device helps you to have a look at the smartphone while driving. The glass, or plastic lens, is light but durable.
To make the drive fit in the car the company has made with two mounts, adjustable and compact, where users can adjust as per their aspect of different cars. The adjustable mount provides to work 30°, whereas the compact mount gives an inactive low-profile adding 5mm over the dash.

We cannot give all the credit to its natural design, the glass gives a clear and bright display. It has a spherical shape with 20% larger display picture with no malformation. You can operate it with any smartphone that has the HUD-mode app downloaded, you just have to simply place your smartphone in the accessory cradle and you are ready to drive safe. Any mobile app supporting HUD mode can operate the glass. The most important features are objects such as large arrows, figures, and lanes.

If you are not getting better glass clarity they can adjust the phone brightness, glass angles or try a new app which will provide green UI elements. So to keep your eyes on the road use the semi-transparent display for clearer road image. Using the Hudway App you will get a perfect light of data like simple navigation, speedometer, and speed camera. The app is free on App Store and Android Google Play, users are also giving positive reviews for this product. You can purchase on the Indiegogo site in just $49. So hurry to grab the device and confirm your safety while driving.

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