Xiaomi smartphone patent

Recently, ZTE launched the world’s first under-screen camera phone, the Axon 20 5G. But what’s more important this is also the world’s first true full-screen smartphone with no additional structure. Unfortunately, this technology is not mature yet. Of course, it has gone on mass production. But the performance it provides is not satisfactory yet. So there is every reason to think the major manufacturers will still design full-screen smartphones with bangs, waterdrop notches, and lifting cameras. And maybe we will see some extraordinary designs as well. Recently, Xiaomi applied for a new design patent. As the documents show, the Xiaomi smartphone may use a V-shaped dual-selfie-camera design.

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In fact, this is a matter of design only. We mean the selfie cameras lift at an angle and form a V-shaped look. Next to the cameras, we can find a microphone hole. And on the opposite side, we can see a dual-speaker and charging interface. The volume rocker, as well as the power button, are on the right side. And as we can see, there is no fingerprint recognition module on any side.

Xiaomi smartphone patent

What caught our eyes is the fragmented back panel. Usually, such a design can be met on gaming smartphones. And though for some users, it can be quite interesting and attractive, in terms of durability, such a phone is not acceptable. So we guess if this Xiaomi smartphone turns into a real product sometime, it will have a unibody design.

Xiaomi smartphone patent

Anyways, no one can claim the patent of this Xiaomi smartphone will go on mass production. But if the under-screen camera technology doesn’t become mainstream next year, everything is possible.

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