backup android smartphone data

Android devices have evolved over time with many new features and advancements. The whole ecosystem has got a lot smarter and responsive offering access to unlimited resources. Even, different spheres to backup data have opened with the advent of new tools and technologies. Earlier, backing up whole Android was limited to Nandroid Backup, but now there are multitudes of options to backup Android data to a safe and secure place.

backup android smartphone data

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Android is a place of experience for various applications, seamless services, and unlimited customization. However, in order to get the needed customization, the users usually need to root the smartphone or unlock the bootloader. In order to proceed for full customization, the user may need to format the device data. So here we are without a definitive guide to let you backup Android smartphone data without any root access.

There are various ways to backup your Android smartphone data. You can backup your data to the cloud using Google services or can use a utility like Simple ADB backup, Titanium backup. However, there are many advantages of using each service, as some saves time and some ease the ability to retrieve data.

Methods to Backup Android Smartphone data without Root

As described above, there are multiple ways to safeguard your data before rooting or unlocking the bootloader of your smartphone. The easiest and free of cost solution is to backup on Google servers by following the steps below:

Backup Contacts

Google Contacts

Google offers inbuilt service to sync all contacts to Google Servers without any additional costs. You only need is a working Google Mail account for it to work. You can follow steps to backup Contacts to Google Cloud:

  1. Open Phone Settings > Accounts.
  2. Tap Primary Google Account and open Account Sync. 
  3. Toggle Contacts, and wait for it to sync.
  4. That’s it!

Easy backup – Contacts App

However, if you’re unable to access Google services, then you can easily download an Easy backup App from the Play Store and simply use it to export backup for contacts.

Backup Photos and Videos

Google Photos backup

Google Photos is the easiest and efficient way to backup each photo on your smartphone. It provides unlimited storage to save photos and automatically generates In case, if you don’t have the Google Photos app, then download it from the Google Play Store.

  1. Download Google Photos App.
  2. Open Settings and Tap ‘Backup and Sync’ to enable it.
  3. Select the Upload Size to preferred High Quality.
  4. That’s it!

Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync is a new application, which can backup your photos and other data from PC to Phone or vice versa. It can automatically back up photos and videos on a tablet, PC, Mac, MAS, and even on cloud storage.

Simply just download the Resilio Backup app from the Play Store.

Direct PC Transfer using a USB cable

The users can also transfer photos after directly connecting it with a USB cable.

Backup Calendars, SMS, voice call logs

Google Calendar

If you’re just looking to backup your Calendar events and other data, then Google Calendar can be the best option. You just need to enable sync on the Google Calendar app to backup all the events and important dates.

  1. Open Smartphone Settings > Accounts.
  2. Tap on Google Account > Sync.
  3. Now, Tap the Calendar service.

Super Backup and Restore App

It is quite easy to backup Calendar, SMS, and Voice call logs using a single app. Super Backup and Restore an app is a single tool which can backup all your SMS, call logs in a single file. Follow the steps below to back up the above media types:

  1. Download and Install Super backup and Restore app from the Play Store
  2. Select the categories and tap on the backup.
  3. Enjoy!

Backup Other Files

Google Drive

Google offers 15GB of free storage on Google Drive, where you can store any type of data without paying any buck. If you just want to backup data of up to 15GB, then there’s no other better option rather than using Google Drive. Steps to backup:

  1. Download and Install the Google Drive app.
  2. Tap on the ‘+’ icon and upload files you would like to backup.
  3. Enjoy!!

Via USB Cable

The easy, and most reliable option is to connect your smartphone with a PC, and then start moving your whole data to another device. It is a free, reliable, and widely used option. You can even use proprietary software of your respective smartphone brand to effectively sync data onto PC, Mac or Linux system.

Backup System Settings and Play Store App data

Google provides Backup service for all Android smartphones linked to the Google Account. The users can easily backup all the system settings, Apps data, and Google Play Store Installed Apps summary. You can enable it as follows:

  1. Open Settings > Accounts and backup > Backup and Restore.
  2. Enable ‘Backup my Data’ option and select Google Account.

That’s it, It’s the definitive guide to backup your Android smartphone without root access. Things could be easier if you have had root access, as only a few taps would be necessary to make a full phone backup. However, if you get any problem while installing, then just let us know via the comments below.

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